Evaluation – COVID: The Rest Of The Story – Part 1 Copy

Presented by CE Dojo on behalf of Socratic Dental Alliance


Instructors: Jessica Bishop Funk DDS, Christopher Robert DDS, Kelly Collins DMD, MS, MEd, & Weston Sanders MD

Educational Method: Webinar Discussion

AGD Subject Code: 742 Medical Health History/Factors/Oral Medicine, Diagnosis, Pathology

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There are 3 parts to this survey: instructor review, course review, and suggestions for future courses. Since there are 4 instructors, and there are 5 questions for each instructor, there are a total of 20 instructor questions. Each question will make specific reference to the instructor in review.

You *must answer each question* in order to collect your continuing education credit and certificate. For comments, even if you have none, you must at least answer “None”.

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