The Opiate Crisis Is Deliberate

The article addresses the concerning surge in drug-related mortality among white Americans, particularly young adults, pointing to deliberate orchestration of the opioid epidemic. It accuses Purdue Pharma, particularly the Sackler family, of aggressive marketing that fueled opioid addiction, leading to a subsequent rise in heroin use. The narrative condemns President Obama’s administration for alleged complicity and a lack of action against this crisis. It also highlights the broader cultural assault on American society over the last century, emphasizing the need for accountability, restoration of regulations, and a shift towards rebuilding cultural values to combat the ongoing drug epidemic.

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Categories: Opiate Compliance
Tags: Cultural Assault, Drug Epidemic, Drug Marketing, Drug Overdoses, Great Reset, Healthcare Regulation, Heroin Addiction, Mortality Rates, New World Order, Opioid Crisis, Pharmaceutical Industry, President Obama, Public Health Crisis, Purdue Pharma, Sackler Family, Social Impact of Drugs, Substance Abuse
Author: Debra Hanania-Freeman
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