On-site Office Anesthesia Evaluation


The North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners (NCBDE) has now dedicated resources to conducting random inspections of practices with sedation and anesthesia permits.

That said, now would be a good time to insure that your record keeping, medications and protocols are Board compliant.  If you are chosen for a random audit, the Board will notify you ahead of time about the inspection. But it would not be ideal to wait for the Board to show up and tell you there is a problem. By that time it is too late. The anesthesia and sedation rules are found in 21 NCAC 16Q.

Make sure you have the appropriate permit for the type of anesthesia and sedation you are performing. And make sure you have a permit for all locations you perform these procedures. The permit is not portable. So if you move locations or open an additional office, that site will need to be inspected and a permit obtained.

Mr Sean Kurdys is an instructor here at CE Dojo and a principal of Old Well Consulting Group.  Sean has a deep understanding of the regulatory culture at the NCBDE and is well experienced in investigations and can help your practice take a proactive stance with regard to anesthesia inspections.

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Incident to the renewal of an anesthesia or sedation permit or any itinerant permit, or incident to an investigation pursuant to 21 NCAC 16U, the Board may require an on-site inspection of the dentist’s facility, equipment, personnel, and procedures. The inspection shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and requirements of this Subchapter applicable to the type of permit.




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