Use of Opioid Pain Relievers Following Extraction of Third Molars

The article investigates postoperative opioid analgesic usage following third-molar extraction surgeries among adolescents and young adults. Structured telephone interviews were conducted on days 1 and 7 post-surgery with 48 participants, assessing pain experiences, opioid usage, and complications. Surgeons commonly prescribed opioid-containing analgesics following surgery, yet actual usage was substantially lower, with a median consumption of eight tablets over seven days, indicating initial prescriptions were adequate for most patients. Higher opioid usage correlated with longer surgical durations and postoperative infections. The study suggests that a prescription of 20 opioid tablets provided adequate relief for the majority of patients, indicating effective pain management, highlighting a need for improved education on safe opioid storage and disposal to prevent misuse or abuse.

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Categories: Opiate Compliance
Tags: Adolescent Health, Opioid Analgesics, Opioid Usage, pain management, Patient Experience, Postoperative Care, Prescription Practices, Surgical Complications, Third-Molar Extraction, Young Adults
Author: Anthony G. Wach, Breanna M. Weiland, Brent P. Kanar, Mark F. Sosovicka, Matthew R. Cooke, Matthew T. Castele, Paul A. Moore
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