What Every Dentist Should Know About Suboxone

The article delineates the role of Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) in opioid maintenance therapy approved by the U.S. FDA and its relevance for dentists treating patients affected by opioid addiction. It highlights the opioid epidemic’s impact, dentistry’s involvement, and the challenges posed by chronic opioid use. Emphasizing dentists’ critical role in identifying and treating opioid misuse, the article provides insights into the differentiation between physical dependence and addiction. It details the pharmacology of Suboxone and compares its advantages with methadone in opioid maintenance therapy. Additionally, it underscores pain management strategies for patients on Suboxone, urging dentists to exercise caution, use non-opioid alternatives, and collaborate closely with the prescribing physician. The piece also touches on clinical considerations, such as drug interactions, potential adverse effects, and the importance of comprehensive patient histories in dental practice, concluding with the significance of dentist-patient communication and the necessity for appropriate referrals in cases of suspected opioid abuse.

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