What do you do to keep my private information secure?

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We require our eLearners to set up a secure account access with a username and password combination. If you forget your password, you can always reset your it provided you still have access to the email account you used when you first registered for a course.

Nevertheless, if your digital identity ever becomes compromised in any way, hackers may be able to access your information anywhere your footprints may have been. But even so, if you don’t use a really good password often times your information can still be compromised.

Because of this, we now offer 2 factor authentication to our eLearners – either through email or authenticator apps (time-based one-time password or TOTP apps). We do not force the use of 2 factor authentication by our clients, but we do strongly recommend it.

As shown below, 2 factor authentication is set up from anywhere within your “My Account” page upon successful log in to CE Dojo.

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