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Dojo – a hall or place where prodigious, immersive learning is undertaken – Wikipedia

Welcome to CE Dojo! CE Dojo is the next iteration in online continuing education for busy professionals like you. We bring you an immersive experience focused on high-quality content with a cost-effective approach and minimal disruption to your clinical practice’s busy schedule.

Academy of General Dentistry Nationally Approved PACE Continuing Education

CE Dojo is approved to provide continuing education on a national basis by the Academy of General Dentistry through the Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) program.  This means your all of continuing education credits will apply not only toward state but also any federally mandated continuing education requirements.

Immersive eLearning

CE Dojo is an immersive eLearning environment as the name suggests. We have an ever growing line-up of courses featuring knowledgeable clinicians and experts. Connect with us from your mobile or desktop device in the comfort of your home, on the road, or at your favorite vacation spot. We hope you will join us soon!

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Choose from an array of continuing education content to satisfy your specific requirements for state or federally mandated requirements!

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