CBD For Dental Pain In Place Of NSAIDS

A randomized controlled study has demonstrated that cannabidiol (CBD) may serve as an effective alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for managing acute dental pain, particularly beneficial for patients unable to tolerate NSAIDs. The research, led by Vanessa Chrepa, PhD, DDS, MS from UT Health San Antonio, involved adults with moderate to severe dental pain, comparing the effects of two different doses of CBD against a placebo. Results showed significant pain reduction in both CBD groups compared to the placebo, with a maximum median pain reduction of 73% observed at 180 minutes post-administration. This study, highlighting CBD’s potential as an analgesic for dental and possibly other inflammatory conditions, paves the way for further research, including a planned phase 3 clinical trial aimed at expanding CBD’s approved uses to include pain management. This study may pave the way for CBD as a analgesic option not only for patients who are intolerant of NSAIDS but who cannot take them due to underlying health conditions (eg heart or kidney conditions) or where drug interactions are problematic (eg anticoagulants).

~ David MH Lambert, DDS

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