What is CE Dojo’s refund policy?

We honor all cancellations with a full refund for unattended courses. And because we also understand sometimes unforeseen conflicts occur for live webinars, all of our courses ultimately are recorded for convenient on-demand streaming.

Why do I have a user account on CE Dojo?

The reason is really straightforward – it’s for your security. Unlike many other online continuing education outfits all of the activities of CE Dojo…courses, evaluations, payments, records…are all maintained as data within CE Dojo. The accuracy, confidentiality, and privacy of your personal information is our highest responsibility.

Are your courses approved for CE by the Board?

CE Dojo is certified as a national provider of continuing education (CE) through the Academy of General Dentistry’s (AGD) Program Approval For Continuing Education (PACE). Most state regulatory agencies recognize AGD PACE programs as legitimate sources for continuing education. We suggest you contact your specific state regulatory agency for further clarification if necessary.

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