Content is sooo long – can I complete the course at will?

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Some courses go well over the mandated contact time requirement in an effort to be complete – we regret if exhaustive. This can be managed a couple of ways:

  • Because courses are recorded, they are on demand through our video servers with Vimeo.
    • Courses can be viewed at will
    • The “Resume” course feature – available in your Control Panel – enables you to pick up where you leave off! See below:
  • There is no time restriction as to when you begin or how long you may take to complete your course
  • Courses can be viewed at a faster play-back rate through the “Settings” control on Vimeo. You may select playback at normal speed, 1.25x, 1.5x, or at 2x reduce playback time in half – while still collecting full credit. See below:
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