The UK Personal Independence Payment Database – Should Spiraling Disabilities Give Pause To Reconsider Continued Routine Office Based Anesthesia In Dentistry Without Further Consideration?

Former Blackrock hedge fund analyst Ed Dowd made a troubling discovery about mortality rates in the US. He observed an increase in deaths, particularly among young individuals, unrelated to COVID-19. Insurance companies also reported higher death rates. Dowd’s research team has now found startling data from the UK indicating a significant rise in disabilities coinciding with the mass vaccination effort. Dowd believes the same trend is likely happening in the US. This raises concerns, especially in dentistry, where an increase in cardiovascular disabilities among young patients has been observed. A more cautious approach to office-based anesthesia may be necessary.

Pre-op Cannibis Use Associated More Post-Op Pain, Opiate Use

In an online-first article in Anesthesia News a study presented at the 2022 annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists found adults who use cannabis have more pain after surgery and consume more opiates than those who don’t use the drug, Elyad Ekrami, MD, a lead author of the study and clinical research fellow …

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